Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Role of the Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Gamma-Civic Ltd is first and foremost to steer, monitor and oversee the businesses and activities of the Company in order to safeguard and enhance its total value and returns by overseeing directly or indirectly the executive management of Gamma-Civic Ltd and its Group Companies.

The Board is the link between the stakeholders and the Company, and it is accountable to the Company and through the Company to the stakeholders. It has all the powers necessary for directing and supervising the management of the businesses and affairs of the Company and for creating and delivering sustainable value, while determining the strategic direction within a framework of rewards, incentives and controls.

The Board is also responsible for ensuring that Management maintains a system of internal control and procedures which provides assurance of effective and efficient operations, internal financial controls and compliance with existing laws and regulations.

The Board is the decision-making body for all matters which are of significance to the Company as a whole because of their strategic, financial and reputational implications and/or consequences.