Gamma Foundation

Gamma Foundation

Long before the Government imposed the 2% levy on profitable companies (Corporate Social Responsibility), Gamma had a policy for sustainable development. The guiding philosophy of the Company has been based on the premise that no economic development is sustainable if one ignores the social, economic and environmental impacts of one’s activities.

With the introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2010, Gamma-Civic Ltd formally created a special purpose vehicle under the name of Gamma Foundation. This entity is structured as a trust and is governed by the Mauritius Trusts Act 2001. It is accredited with the Mauritius National Empowerment Foundation.

The foundation receives regular CSR contributions, as required by law, from Gamma-Civic and its affiliated companies. The funds are then applied towards the following philanthropic and charitable purposes:

  • The relief of poverty, including socio-economic development;
  • The advancement of education and training;
  • Healthcare and wellness;
  • The protection of the environment;
  • Leisure & sports;
  • Catastrophic interventions; and
  • Any other purpose beneficial to the public in Mauritius

The Board of Gamma believes that Gamma Foundation is set to play an increasing role in the Mauritian society with an adequate endowment. The Foundation provides financial support to existing NGOs and is involved in the running of its own CSR programs.

Over the years, Gamma Foundation has built strong relationships with a comprehensive network of Mauritian NGOs comprised of selfless men and women who work arduously to ensure that together we make lives better for the less fortunate and for the country at large. A due-diligence process is carried out before including NGOs within the foundation’s recipient list of funds. Moreover, the foundation monitors every single project diligently to ensure that probing results can be felt at the recipients’ level.

Today Gamma is committed to doing ‘good’ consistently and often, far from the limelight.