Gamma Materials Ltd

Gamma Materials Ltd

Gamma Materials Ltd (“GML”), a joint venture company of Gamma-Civic Ltd, is one of leading building materials producer and supplier. Its Mauritius operations include the production and supply of aggregates, ready-mix concrete, blocks and precast products.

GML also operates a number of quarries across the island, extracting raw materials using various extraction methods. In 2011, a strategic alliance was formed with Ingénierie et Participation Financières (a member of Colas S.A) where the latter took a 50% interest in Gamma Materials Ltd. The company is now jointly controlled and managed. This strategic alliance allowed GML to benefit from the international expertise of Colas S.A. In 2012, GML took over the business of Teknovia from Colas Maurice whose activities include the supply and placement of extruded concrete and asphalt milling.

In a view to continuously improve its services and to fulfill its vision to be the market leader by being the preferred supplier of building materials, GML invested in a new plant based on an upgraded technology to boost its value-added products segment. GML aims to maintain a strong core business with efficient processes and dedicated a team to sustain profitability through a high performing ‘Aggregates’ Business Unit. GML also aims to diversify its activities by developing new activities which will increase turnover and profitability. GML benefits from a good country-wide coverage with the setting of regional hubs, a dedicated and competent team and sales potential from its partners, namely Gamma Construction and Colas Maurice.