dare to dream

Together, we will be able to reach new heights.
We dare to imagine a world of infinite possibilities

dare to dream

We strive to reach our fullest potential in all that we do  -
we dare to be the best.

dare to dream

We set the trend -
we dare to be the first.

dare to dream

Together, we have an exciting future ahead of us -
we dare to dream.

The World of Gamma

Are you daring enough to challenge yourself, to reach new heights that you’ve never dreamt of?

With Gamma alongside you, you can be assured of having the best partner on board to turn your vision into reality. Dare to dream

There is a Gamma way of doing things, of challenging the status quo, of seeking the very best inside of us, and using it to reach our fullest potential.

Our inspiration comes from
turning dreams into reality.

The very essence of the Gamma brand comes together in one key word:



Which is why we are pioneers in all areas in which we are active; setting trends, embracing new ideas, finding smarter ways of doing business. 


Our passion drives us to exploit our fullest potential in everything we do.

The very essence of the Gamma brand comes together in one key word:



Why we take performance to extremes; always trying harder to improve our efforts and the benefits we deliver to our customers.


And why we believe agility is key in setting ourselves apart from our competitors by meeting demanding specifications in an age of customised solutions.

Investment Sectors


Building Materials

  • Gamma Materials Ltd

    Gamma Materials Ltd is a renowned producer and supplier of construction materials. Aggregates, ready-mix concrete, blocks, and precast items are among the materials produced and supplied by the company. Gamma Group's strategy of partnering with world-class organisations to provide international expertise to Mauritius is exemplified by the company's shared control and management with Ingénierie et Participation Financières (a member of Colas S.A.).

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  • Kolos Cement Ltd

    Gamma's pioneering spirit is embodied through Kolos Cement Ltd. It was founded with the goal of providing an alternative cement import terminal to the Mauritius market, which was controlled at the time by a multinational corporation. The company was once a joint venture with Holcim, and following the Lafarge-Holcim merger, Gamma acquired full ownership of Kolos Cement Ltd in 2015. The company was listed on the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM) of the Mauritius Stock Exchange in 2018, in keeping with the private equity mindset of Gamma to create and realise value in its underlying investments. It presently distributes cement to the bulk of Mauritius' large and smaller construction firms, as well as several hardware stores.

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  • Kolos Madagascar Ltd

    Reflecting Gamma’s ambition to extend its reach and footprint beyond Mauritian borders, Kolos Madagascar was established in 2021, building on more than 20 years of experience of Kolos Cement Ltd as a leader in the cement market. The company currently imports cement into Madagascar under the brand name Mafonja, thereby making a significant contribution to the realisation of the country’s booming construction and infrastructural development sectors.





  • Lottotech Ltd

    Lottotech Ltd is the operator of the Mauritius national lottery and gaming activities licensed by the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA). In its operations, the Company follows the World Lottery Association's (WLA) Responsible Gaming Framework.

    Lottotech's subsidiaries Loterie Vert Ltd and Pool Joseph Merven Ltd run additional lottery and sports pool games.

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  • Loterie Vert

    Enn patrimwann ki touzour dan lavi tou morisyen.

    La Loterie Vert existe depuis 1940 et fait partie du patrimoine culturel. Un nouveau concept de jeu a été lancé le vendredi 06 novembre 2020, donnant à la marque Loterie Vert un aspect innovant, ludique, écologique et social.

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  • Pool Joseph Merven

    The oldest football gaming company in the world. The Football Pools has always been a core part of the British football weekend since the first Football Pools coupons were distributed to football fans outside Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground in 1923.

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  • Gamma Construction Ltd

    Gamma Construction Ltd, one of the few ISO 9001:2015 certified construction companies in Mauritius, is a AAA grade contractor and one of the country’s market leaders. The company is well-known in the country for its expertise in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, the construction of luxury villas and the renovation of hotels. Backed by solid local partnerships and led by an experienced workforce, Gamma Construction is also recognised as a major player on the local market in road networks maintenance, building new roads and large infrastructural works, including bridge and morcellement works, and asphalt production.
    The Hilton Resort and Spa, the One&Only Le Saint Géran Mauritius Hotel, IRS Villas at Parc De Mont Choisy, CentrePoint, Vivea Business Park (east phase), Super U at Cap Tamarin, the A1-A3 connection road, and the enlargement of the M2 highway are among the key projects successfully completed by the company.

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Real Estate

  • Gamma Land Ltd

    Gamma Land Ltd is part of the Group’s Real Estate cluster. With a total asset value of MUR 1.8 billion, the company manages all of the group's existing properties, including built assets and undeveloped land. The cluster adds value to the Group by developing new real estate projects.



  • Gamma Corporate Services Ltd

    Gamma Corporate Services provides legal, secretarial and other related services to support the subsidiaries, associates and joint venture companies of the Gamma Group.

  • Gamma Treasury Management Ltd

    Gamma Treasury Management Limited provides treasury management services to the Gamma Group of companies. The company is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.

  • Jasiri Investment Ltd

    Jasiri Investment Ltd, founded in 2018, invests in the financial services sector across Africa.

Latest News

10 Jan 2023

Gamma Foundation : S’unir pour 660 familles vulnérables en cette période festive !

La Gamma Foundation réitère son action ‘#noutousolider’ mis en place face à la précarité de certaines familles surtout en cette période festive.

30 Dec 2022

Kolos World Cup 2022 : Kolos offre une journée Foot & Fun à ses collaborateurs

Kolos Cement Ltd passe en mode Coupe du Monde et a réuni, le dimanche 20 novembre dernier au Racing Club de Trianon...

04 Aug 2022

Lottotech lance une solution paperless pour le Football Pools Mauritius chez ses détaillants

En vue de sa diversification, Lottotech, par le billet d’une de ses entités Pool Joseph Merven, s’embarque dans une offre paperless du pari sportif.


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