Gamma Civic Ltd. is a private equity-minded investment holding company that focuses on value creation, liquidity generation, and long-term planning.

Gamma is listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange, and its key goals are to protect and develop the wealth of its shareholders, to provide them with an adequate level of return, and to continue to build a sustainable foundation for consolidation, growth, and profitability.

Our Journey


November 30th

Gamma Civic Ltd was admitted to the Stock Exchange of Mauritius on 30 November 1994


August 21st

Opening of Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa.
Completion of the construction and operation of a cement terminal through our subsidiary, Ciments de L’Ocean Indien Limitee (now known as Kolos Cement Ltd).


April 03rd

Gamma rebranding


February 28th

Addition of HSBC Centre in Ébene to the Group’s Real Estate portfolio


October 10th

Launch of the Mauritius National Lottery by Lottotech Ltd.
Construction of Barclays House in Ebene.
Upgrading of Quartier Militaire Road (B6) from Wooton to Belle Rive.


October 07th

Construction of Raffles Tower in Ébene.
Upgrading of Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital in Port Louis into a state-of-the-art hospital.
Construction of 33 luxury IRS villas including infrastructure works.



June 29th

In June 2014, Lottotech was successfully listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius


June 09th

Transition from a family managed company to an organisation managed by professionals.
Gamma acquires 51% of Kolos Cement Ltd, to become a wholly owned subsidiary.
Infrastructural works for Cote d’Or Integrated/Mixed Development Project



June 09th

Listing of Kolos Cement Ltd on the Development & Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.
Strategic alliance with WH Investments Pte. Ltd, a company registered in Singapore with substantial businesses and production assets in Indonesia and Vietnam.


June 09th

Launch of Mafonja cement in Madagascar, through Kolos Madagascar SA

Our Mission


Together, we will improve the quality of life through innovative leadership

Our Guiding Principles


Trust and Respect

We earn our partners' trust by maintaining a climate of truth, and we earn our partners' respect through open communication and collaboration.

Strong Value Creation

We believe in creating value through innovation, talent, and technology in order to break new ground.

Loyalty and Sincerity

We believe in long-term relationships founded on the principles of truth, loyalty, and transparency.

Discipline and Hard Work

We want to lead by example and strive for high levels of consistency, accountability, and effectiveness.


We have the courage to take risks in our pursuit of sustainable growth without compromising our performance.


In all of our decision-making, we adhere to impartiality and a fair process.

Reputation & Dependability

We keep our promises and are accountable for our decisions and actions.

Our Team